Updated: Jan 22, 2019

By Ricca Macklin, Chef & Owner of Your Box Catering

I can't think of a better way to kick off our first blog post than to share with you the why and how 'Nurture' became our theme for 2019. Last week my life coach suggested I pick a word for the year that would guide, my intentions for the year. For my personal life I chose Harmony, I need help with that work-life balance, but for YBC I chose Nurture.

Nurture. To care for and encourage the growth or development of.

For the past 3.5 years I've been working myself to the ground, trying to grow YBC without really taking the time to appreciate the journey. We've accomplished A LOT but too often I'm rushing to the next task that I don't stop to celebrate our wins. This is something that really bothered me. I want to grow. I want to obtain a brick and mortar. I want to reach more clients. I want to book more events. However, if I'm not really enjoying this stage of my business what is it truly worth?

So when I think of the word nurture I think of a mother caring for her new born or a master gardener caring for their precious seedling. Both anticipate the growth of their child or new plant but they don't rush the process. They take the time, the care, and love to make sure what they treasure has everything it needs to grow to the next stage. This is the attitude I'm taking with YBC in the next year.

I took some time to journal last Friday evening and asked myself:

  • How do I define nurture?

  • Why is nurture the best theme for YBC this year?

  • How will I nurture YBC on a daily basis?

  • What will it feel like when I'm Nurturing YBC?

If you are wanting to live this year with more intention I recommend choosing a word for 2019 for your personal life and/or career. Then ask yourself those questions. I'd love to hear what you come up with and I'll continue to touch on my theme for 2019 in future blogs.

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