What Your Event Says about YOU!

Be the host your guests can't wait to RSVP to!

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In the past 3.5 years I’ve catered a variety of events from CEO luncheons, to the annual 4th of July BBQ’s, to 250+ guest weddings, and I’ve caught on to something. Your catered event is not just a reflection on us but it’s a reflection on you!

When new clients call me I like to take the time to talk about the event, who the event is for, and why they’ve decided to have it catered. In most cases the host is pretty nervous. I’m sure they are wondering, Will the food taste good? Will all of my guests like it? Will the caterer show up on time? These are all very serious concerns and I GET IT! Catering is expensive and when you truly care about an event it can be stressful.

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Whether your event is an amazing, one-of a-kind experience or one that had guests lining up at the door to get out, it will have a lasting impression. So no matter what type of party you host, it should not be taken lightly. When a host loves and appreciates their guests it shows in the amount of time, money, and effort they invest on throwing an awesome, unforgettable experience.

On the contrary, if you do not put any thought into planning and executing your events, guests may feel as if their time, presence, and gifts were not appreciated.

So be the host your guests can't wait to RSVP to!

Side Note: I also have a future blog post on being an awesome guest!

Please know, treating your guests does not have to break your budget and incur unnecessary stress. At YBC we want you to enjoy yourself. That is why we create menus based on your taste or budget. This is one of my favorite jobs as a chef. It allows me to be creative and presents a new challenge.

Here's few quick tips for your next event:

1. Quality over quantity.


No matter if it's a wedding, birthday party, or baby shower, it is much better to provide a quality meal and experience. Instead of a full meal for your event opt for a party that starts in between meals like 1-5PM or 8-11PM. You can provide small portions of really tasty beautifully presented foods, rather than feeding your guests a sub-par dinner because your budget wouldn't allow for something nice.

2. Plastic table cloths and crock pots are a thing of the past.

I'm really not meaning to offend anyone here but linen table cloths, or in some cases, no table cloths are the way to go. Make an investment on some standard quality, white, ivory, or cream buffet table cloths and you can use them again and again.

Crock pots are another party killer, when you are hosting. Chafing dishes or chafers, are cheaper than ever to buy and they take your party up several notches. They are stainless steel so they look good on all buffets and they do an amazing job of keeping your food hot and safe to eat for hours, without needing electricity.

3. Start your party off right.

Whether it's from lack of food or bad food, nothing can kill your party more than "hangry" guests. Don't underestimate the importance of having just a few simple appetizers when guests arrive to keep them entertained and happy!

So when you're planning your next event, choose a caterer that truly cares not only about their reputation but yours too. Make sure they are invested in ensuring your event is a success.

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